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Arise, my muse


An Ode on the Anniversary of the Queens-Birth. Set to Musick by Mr Henry Purcell, April 30th, 1690.



Arise, my muse, and to thy tuneful lyre
Compose a mighty ode
Whose charming nature may inspire
The bosom of some listening God
To consecrate thy bold attempting verse,
And Gloriana's fame disperse
O'er the wide confines of the universe

Chorus: ritornello

Ye sons of music raise your voices high:
And like your theme be your blest harmony:
Then sound your instruments.

Tenor & bass: chorus

Then sound your instruments and charm the earth 
Upon this sacred day of Gloriana's birth.


See how the glitt'ring ruler of the day,
From the cool bosom of the sea
Drives with speed away,
And does attending planets all
To wanton revels call.
Who from the starry east and west
To celebrate this day make haste;
And in new robes of glory dressed
Dance in a solemn ball.

Two altos: chorus: ritornello

Hail, gracious Gloriana, hail;
May every future year
Roll on, unknown to Care.
May each propitious morn arise
Bright as your virtue and charming as your eyes,
And each succeeding hour new pleasures bring,
To make the Muses yearly sing;
All hail, gracious Gloriana, hail.


And since the time's distress to wars' alarms
Call the lov'd Monarch from your arms;
Your Phoebus does to lower Spheres decline,
Only to rise again, and with more lustre shine.

Alto, tenor and bass

To quell his country's foes
Behold, the God-like hero goes,
Fated and born to conquer all,
Both the great, the vulgar and the small.
To hunt the savages from dens,
To teach them loyalty and sense,
And sordid souls of the true faith convince.


But ah, I see Eusebia drown'd in tears;
The sad Eusebia mourning wears,
And in dejected state thus mourns her hapless fate.
Ah wretched me, must Caesar for my sake 
These fatal dangers undertake?
No, no, ye awful powers, no, no,
Fate must some meaner force employ;
Fate must not let him go.

Bass and alto: chorus

But Glory cries
"Go on, on, on, illustrious Man;
Leave not thy work undone
Thou hast so well begun.
Go on, great Prince, go on."


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