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Celebrate this festival


Text by Nahum Tate


Two sopranos – alto – tenor – bass - chorus

Celebrate this Festival,
Hark, the Muses and the Graces call.

Two sopranos – chorus

Britain now thy cares beguile,
Bless the day that blest our Isle.
Celebrate this Festival.

Soprano & trumpet – chorus

'Tis sacred, bid the trumpet cease
Cease, trumpet, cease.

Soprano - chorus

Let sullen Discord smile,
Let War devote this day to Peace.


Crown the altar, deck the shrine,
Behold the bright seraphic throng
Prepar'd our harmony to join,
The Sacred Quire attend too long.

Bass - chorus

Expected Spring at last is come,
Attir'd in all her youthful bloom;
She's come, and pleads for her delay:
She waited for Maria's day,
Nor would before that morn be gay.

Alto - ritornello

April, who till now bas mourned,
Claps for joy his sable wing
To see within his orb return'd
The choicest blessings he could bring:
Maria's birthday, and the Spring.

High tenor

Departing thus you’ll hear him say:
I envy not the pride of May,
Crowned with the honour of this day;
On Flora's charms let her enlarge,
A Saint and Beauty was my charge.

Ritornello – alto – tenor - bass

Happy realm beyond expressing,
Such a royal pair possessing,
Britain, if thou know'st thy blessing,
Homebred faction ne'er alarm thee,
Other mischief’s cannot harm thee.
Caesar bears thy toils of war,
Maria thy domestic care,
Their's the trouble, thine the blessing.

Bass - trumpet

While, for a righteous cause be arms,
The wondrous hero 'scapes
From death in thousand shapes,
Still safe, still foremost in alarms.
Let guilty monarchs shun the field,
The active part to others yield,
In person triumph, but by proxy fight;
The pious Prince alone can dangers slight.

High tenor - eight-part chorus

Return, fond Muse, the thoughts of war
On this auspicious day forbear,
When Britain should her joy proclaim,
And, to disarm approaching harm,
Repeat Maria's name.

Soprano - chorus

Kindly treat Maria's day,
And your homage 'twill repay,
Bequeathing blessings on our isle,
The tedious minutes to beguile,
Till conquests to Maria's arms restore,
Peace and her hero, to depart no more.


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