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Greatparent, hail to thee!


An Ode upon the Ninth of January 1693/4, the first Secular Day since the University of Dublin's Foundation by Queen Elizabeth

Nahum Tate


 Trio - chorus

Great Parent, Hail! all Hail to Thee,
Who hast from last Distress surviv'd,
To see this joyful Year arriv'd;
Thy muses second jubilee.

Alto solo

Another Century commencing
No decay in Thee can trace;
Time with his own Laws dispensing,
Adds new Charms to ev'ry Grace,
That adorn'd thy Youthful Face.


After War's, Alarms repeated,
And a Circling Age compleated,
Vig'rous Offspring thou dost raise;
Such as to Juvenia's praise;
Shall Liffee make as proud a Name,
As that of Isis or of Cam.

 Bass solo

Awful Matron take thy Scat,
To Celebrate this Festival;
The learn'd Assembly well to Treat
Blest Eliza's Days recall.
The Wonders of Her Reign recount
In Songs that mortal Streins surmount:
Songs for Phaebus to repeat.

 Tenor solo - chorus

She was the first who did inspire,
And strung the mute Hibernian Lyre:
Whose deathless Memory
(The Soul of Harmony)
Still animates the Vocal Quire.

 Duet - chorus

Succeeding Princes next recite:
With never dying Verse requite
Those favours they did show'r;
'Tis that alone can do 'em right
To save 'em from Oblivion's Night
Is only in the Muses pow'r.


But chiefly recommend to fame
Maria and Great Williamís name
For surely no Hibernian muse
(whose isle to him, Her freedom owes)
Can her restorerís praise refuse
While Boyne or Shanon flows.

symphony - soprano solo

Thy Royal Patron sung:
Repair To Illustrious Ormond's Tomb:
As, Living, He made Thee His Care,
Give Him, next thy Caesar's, Room.
Then a Second Ormond's Story
Let astonisht Fame recite;
But she'll wrong the Hero's Glory,
Till with equal Flame she write
To that which he displays in Fight.


With themes like these, ye Sons of Art,
Treat this auspicious Day;
To Bribe the Minutes as they part,
Those Blessings to bequeath, that may
Long, long remain Your Kindness to repay.


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