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The summer's absence unconcerned we bear


Full title: The summer's absence unconcerned we bear

A Welcome Song for his Majesty at his return from Newmarket, October the 21st, 1682

Anonymous author.


Bass solo - trio - chorus - ritornello

The summer's absence unconcerned we bear
Since you, great Sir, more charming fair appear,
Scattering the mists of faction with our fear.
Shine thus for many years, and let the sight
Your friends encourage and your foes affright,
Like Joshua's sun, with undiminished light.

Alto solo - chorus - ritornello

And when late from your throne Heaven's call you attend
In peace let your crown on the next head descend,
Let no sham pretences give birth to a guilt
Which would injure the blood of the Martyr was spilt.

Bass solo - duet - chorus

Ah! had we, Sir, the power or art
To grant the wishes of our heart,
Your long and glorious reign should be
One entire piece of harmony.
No day should an ill aspect wear,
But, smooth as seas when calms appear,
All hearts should smile as at that hour
When you from exile blest our shore,
And the ill omens o'er us placed
Should vanish with the time that's past.
Then would we conclude that our Isle, which of old
Was the fortunate called, had her name but foretold
But some learned bard, who in times past foreknew
How in ages to come she’ld be happy in you.

Trio - ritornello

Happy while all her neighbours bled,
Their countries harassed and untilled,
When Peace to you for shelter fled,
Her garners with rich plenty filled,
When all the blessings of her train
Were at her feet an off’ring laid,
When fearless she did plough the main
And reap rich harvests of her trade.


So happily still you your counsels employ,
More blessings that all the whole world we enjoy;
But amidst all our stores some who surfeit on peace
The infection had spread of a mortal disease:
To the plague of rebellion the mischief was growing
And the life of the State to your conduct is owing.

Alto – ritornello

These had by their ill usage drove
The beauteous Nymph long since away,
Had she not, vanquished by your love,
Charmed in your soft embraces lay.

Tenor – chorus

But these no more shall dare repine,
Nor shall she ever hence remove,
But totally now her heart resign
And always to you constant prove.
Britannia shall now her large empire bestride
And over the seas she unrivalled shall ride,
Sole Emperess she the vast flood shall command
And awe the great blustering Hectors at land.
Thus strongly secured, mighty Sir, on your throne,
By all nations feared, and beloved of your own,
If of Heaven we could such a bounty obtain,
From our own stock of years we would lengthen your reign.


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