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Those 20th century blues


Those Twentieth century blues - an autobiography

"I'm glad Those Twentieth Century Blues is now written, for I tend to dislike focusing endlessly on what is paste and gone. The future matters more and my real hope is to see the new millenium. With luck, I might get there."

Sir Michael Tippett

bulletThe pre-war idyll
bulletThe crack-up
bulletSpring awakening
bulletThe wandering years
bulletThe world's stage
bulletThe dreams take over
bulletThe heart's assurance
bulletThe artistic milieu
bulletInterpretation and its discontents
bulletStage and marketplace
bulletThe post-war lifestyle
bulletThe world, my country
bulletThose Twentieth century blues
bulletThe final dream

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Hutchinson. First published 1991. ISBN 0 09 175307 4. 290 pages.

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